From “prevention and improvement of obesity” to “development of a healthy body”
To make a healthy body, nutritionally balanced diet, moderate exercise, and adequate sleep are important. However, if these are disturbed for many years, it leads to lifestyle diseases. Tanita advocates health promotion with the approach of “prevention and improvement of obesity” for healthy body development.
Obesity is defined as “an abnormally increased proportion of adipose tissue”. In particular, research results are reported that it tends to be a lifestyle disease disease if visceral fat mass is high. It is important to establish the correct lifestyle in “prevention and improvement of obesity”. However, it takes time to improve the wrong lifestyle hitherto. There is a phenomenon called “backtracking” in the habit, which means “I will return to the original habit without knowing it unknowingly.” For this reason, it is important to “improve slowly over time in a sustainable range”.

Building a body to suit people

The way people make healthy body varies from person to person.
Some people are obliged and people who need diet or vice versa do not gain weight.
It is necessary to make health according to the person’s body and situation.

“Keeping in mind”

1. Sometimes I check what I ate.
Amount and content of meal may be biased unknowingly by myself. Let’s check it sometimes, such as whether you are eating proper amount properly, nutritional balance is not disturbed.

2. When traveling or eating out continues, eating
out which is adjusted by meals before and after tends to be calorie-over and lack of vegetables even if you are cautious. When there is a schedule of eating out in advance, let’s adjust with the meals before and after. Also, let’s enjoy yourself when you find it difficult to make adjustments, such as traveling. But please be careful only to eat too much.

3. Do not create an environment that leads to
excessive eating To prevent eating too much, it is also important to look at the dietary environment. Let’s keep an eye out for a series of actions related to food, from keeping foods to keeping, cooking, serving, leftovers and cleaning up.


“Relief” in exercise

1. Sometimes you check exercise and activities with a pedometer, activity meter, etc. It
is better to make a regular life more active than exercise at a weekly sports club, but as a whole activity amount It consumes much energy. For example, let’s check if there is a chance to increase the amount of activity in the current lifestyle, such as keeping housework frequently, using elevators at the station and escalators ascending and descending stairs.

2. Aerobic exercise, muscular strength training, stretching and balancing are
all necessary for health promotion. In order to prevent injury and to exert the effect of each exercise, I would like to do it well in a balanced way.

3. Protecting your own pace and not comparing with other people (do not try too hard)
can only be continued if the effect is demonstrated. Each person has different physical strength. Competition, weak consciousness, inferiority complex may also interfere with continued exercise. Do not forget what you started exercising for.

A mind in sleep

1. Avoiding sleeping time as much as possible As
time goes on in society 24 hours, the average sleeping time is getting gradually shorter. There are also a few scenes that spend sleeping hours spending work, study and hobbies. Lack of sleep tends to be neglected only during daytime sleepiness and fatigue, but recent studies have reported relevance to obesity and lifestyle diseases. Let’s get enough sleep every day for daily health.

2. Before going to bed,
sleep regulating the mind is important “time”, but “quality of sleep” is also important. It is important to relax before going to bed so that you can get enough deep sleep without waking up on the way. Before going to bed, let’s learn how to relax yourself, such as lowering the brightness of the room, light reading, quiet music appreciation and stretching.

3. In the
morning when the sun is fully exposed to light, the habit of happening at a fixed time also leads to health. After getting up, the body clock is reset by opening the curtain and taking the sun’s light. Reduces the material to be held drowsiness by exposure to the light of the sun, from the fact that substance to promote the nerve activity is actively secreted into reverse, let’s put on the habit exposure to the light of the sun.