Single speed bikes are gaining popularity today. This type of bicycle might not look as fancy or cool like those that have derailleur gears, but it certainly has its own beauty and benefits. If you’re torn between a single speed bike and a multiple-gear bike, then this article will enlighten you about one of the simplest options right now.

It’s Simple

Some people might prefer a more advanced ride, but once you try some of the best single speed bicycles today, you’ll start appreciating their simplicity. You won’t have to worry about shifting to different gears, and this makes it easier to drive around. If you have tried owning a multi-speed bike, then you must have noticed that you don’t really use the gear shift that much. If you’re this type of person, a single speed bike should be one of your first choices since they would let you enjoy without any complications.


Budget is one of the biggest concerns of those who are trying to shop for a new bike. Of course, if you’re on a tight budget, you’re putting your money on the best product that suits your needs. You’ll also notice that there are single speed and multi-speed bikes with the same price tags. Most people might go for the latter since they have more advanced features. But when you try to consider various factors, the single speed bike would most likely have a better build because the manufacturer didn’t have to spend that much on other parts like the derailleurs, cassette, and shifters. Additionally, the repair costs are cheaper and there are fewer problems to think about when you have a single speed bike.

No Costly Maintenance

Just like cars, bicycles need maintenance to last a long time. If you don’t have a lot of time for high maintenance routines, then you’ll love a single speed bike. Unlike multi-speed bikes, this one doesn’t have a lot of parts that might malfunction. Those who have single speed bike only have to think about basic things such as brake adjustment, chain tension, and tire pressure.

Overall, a single speed bike deserves your investment especially if you’re someone who just wants a reliable way of transportation when you’re going to school or to the office. Although multi-speed bikes have more features. This one costs a lot less and is easier to handle.