To be happy, to be happy, happy, happy, happy ….

Or was a very difficult situation now, not enough something not be the case, there is a rush feeling, to feel that must be somehow, to feel that must work hard more.

In a fit of such a feeling , “trying to somehow, trying to somehow …” “would be better, it would be better …” “more happy, a lot more …” Would not be too considered.

Of course, what you want to do · There are things you want, working on it and getting it is great.

But want to get in order to be happy because it is very unhappy now, it is too much thought to want to be better “now, at this time,” there is a possibility that they’ve overlooked a negative to very important the.

This time, let ‘s deliver about points and ideas that are often overlooked about “what to do to be happy” .

Why can not I be happy?

Why do people who say “want to be happy” or “can not be happy ” feel ” to feel” if they can not be happy ?

Looking at the world, Japan is a very rich country, and it seems that there is not much that there is a difference between individuals, “there is not enough to eat” that it is painful or unfortunate.

Still people think that they are not happy, are unhappy, or want to be happy.

In other words, it can be said that “happiness” ≠ “material wealth” .

If there is money or things certainly it will be fun and the range of living freely will increase, but they do not necessarily make us happy.

Also, think that many of those who think “I can not be happy” “I want to be happy ” should be happy if “there are a lot of things”, “there are lots of money”, “if it gets more free” It will be.

However, if material wealth and economic wealth do not necessarily make us happy, we may need to know that there is “essence of happiness” besides that .

Even if it is not elsewhere, the idea that “I am unhappy because there is no such thing”, “I am not happy because I do not have money” is obsessed, and even if money and things are acquired, it will not be mentally happy I guess.

What are the characteristics and ideas of people who can not be happy

Can not be happy · What is the characteristic and idea of ​​a person who can not feel happiness?

I think that things, money, qualifications and abilities will give “happiness”
People who can not feel the happiness in unfamiliar, happiness quite is, economic wealth, material wealth, or qualifications and ability, successful experience, personal connections, various other “easy-to-understand ruler” is happy if there is a It may tend to think that it increases.

There are certain parts where money and things enrich us or make us happy but those who can not feel happiness without them will not be able to feel happiness without losing things, money, stands or power at a stretch ” Unhappy ” will be felt.

In addition, always or attacked in unspeakable anxiety in order to defend such as money or goods, qualifications and ability and position, or even to mental or to attack others become increasingly or cornered their own will be .

I can not notice happiness that is right now
People who can not become happy can not easily notice it even if they say, “Let’s notice happiness now.”

It is something that can not be noticed easily even if told by others, but it is definitely what we are “in” .

Even if you think that it is unhappy, not being happy, there is something that you can certainly feel “happiness” there.

I will keep looking for happiness forever as long as I can not notice it .

Why can not I be happy?
Then again, why can not I be happy?

Many of them can be said to have involved “beliefs” and “past experiences” .

Belief is,

The belief that “I am not happy . ”

The belief that “I can not be happy without having a hard time . ”

The belief that “I am not qualified to be happy . ”

It is a belief that “I must have something, money, appearance and ability” .

Also, past experiences are also greatly involved.

Past experience is especially “what you taught from parents” “what you said from an adult” .

From parents and adults ” you’ll or do I need to properly”, “gonna not be happy If you do not work hard because you’re a child you can not” “I not get recognized by the people and not more study or work,” received the word, such as Have not you ever been there?

It can not be said that these are wrong, but it is not necessarily true that we apply to everyone.

Some people are happy even if they do it happily every day.

Some people live happily even if they do not do anything everyday.

Some people are suffering even if they work by working everyday.

Some say that it is fun to work everyday.

Some people say that they are “happy” even if they are sick or injured.

“It makes me happy if I do something” “I can not be happy without doing something” is only applicable to people who talk about it in many cases, and we each have different forms of happiness Yes.

You do not have to ask for the same happiness.

Even if you taught in the past that you can not be happy without doing this, you may need to know that it is okay if you do not do so in the future .