I can not have a cat well! What is the right way to hold it?

I can not have a cat well! Are you troubled with?

The skin of the cat is very soft and the joints are flexible, so you may escape immediately as soon as you try.

If you hold the wrong way, you can put stress and burdens on your cat, or you will be hurt by a cat that you dislike and people will get injured …

However, when you hurt or get hurt, you want to take care of you or take me to an animal hospital, there are times when you want to catch a cat by all means.

Also, everyday nail clippers and health checks will be much easier if you catch a cat with the right way to hold it.

In this article, we will show you how to hold the right cat, which is easy, cat is also good, so let’s practice it by all means.


Which is better, neck or side rookie?

First of all, when lifting a cat, grab the part of the skin of the cat ‘s neck or side rougher slack as a result.

Which one should have in the neck and side roots?

A cat gets grown when she grips the neck
I think I’ve seen that a parent cat carrying a kitty ‘s neck carrying it. In many animals, not only cats, parents instinctively become quiet if they get caught in the neck.

When the mother cat moves with the neck of the kittens moving, the kitten punches her voice and rounds her back. Behind this reaction, there will be a skillful mechanism to raise the probability of survival, such as quieting the approach of the enemy and reducing the labor of the mother cat by standing still.

It is pros and cons to have in the neck

Regarding having a cat ‘s neck, there are pros and cons.

○ Opinion opinion – Because parents catch a kitten when they carry a kittens, it is an act without problems. · For cats, I hate who I can embrace.

○ Objection ○ If you do not hold it correctly, you can not breathe or squeeze your neck or you will hurt your nerves. · Although it is an act that a parent cat makes a kitten, it is wrong for a person to become a cat.


Both opinions can be nodded.

Certainly, although cats are often unpleasant to be hugged, it is difficult to hold the neck of a heavy weighted cat well, it is also necessary to have a grip force, and it is also a fact that cats are burdened by the weight of cats themselves is.

If you have a neck, it is important that you do the right way to hold it, do not do something that you hold hugs as soon as you hold the neck.

How do you put your hands from both sides?
It is easy for people to hold hands from both sides and hold it up, but depending on how to hold it is a burden for the cat.

Compared to grasping the neck and side roots, it is easy as it has both sides like when holding a human baby. However, if you lift it as it is, your legs will be in a state of being swayed, so cats may be disliked, and a burden will be applied to the waist.

If you hold hands on both sides, you should hold one hand from both sides and hold it with your other hand to support your lower back.