How can I live with my old pet dog and face my illness? Let’s prepare for the old age coming up with hints of gentle, healthy wisdom and ingenuity.

Senior Q & A

Q. Do I need a walk even if I become an old dog?

Let’s do moderate exercise as much as possible
Unless you have restrictions on movement such as heart disease or joint disorder, let’s go out for a walk slowly taking time according to the pace of your pet’s dog without impossible. Smoking fresh air, sniffing smells, touching other dogs and people is stimulated by the senses and stress relief. However, it is easy to exhaust your physical strength and you can not adjust your temperature well, so it is also important to change the walking time according to the season.

Q. I am worried about my loss of appetite

Balanced diet contents and quantity are important The
metabolic function weakens as the muscle weakens and it is important to review the meal contents because the amount of energy required for the day decreases. However, let’s switch little by little while looking at the situation not to cause indigestion or stress. Also, during meals, do not strain the neck, use a table for tableware to eat easier, let’s lay a rubber mat that is hard to slip on your feet.

Q. What is safe living environment without danger?

It may lead to unexpected accidents due to a slight step in the house, a slippery floor, etc. due to joints, vision loss, muscle weakness, etc., to review the floor, steps, temperature settings etc. Avoid going up and down stairs, make 1 floor a dog’s dwelling space, use slopes to eliminate steps, and carpet on the floor. Also, as body temperature control can not be done well, let’s keep the indoor temperature setting without temperature difference.

Q. Should I periodically receive a medical examination?

Early detection and treatment of disease It is useful for treatment As time goes on,
the number of visits and treatment such as illness and injury increases. Please do once a year after 6 years old, once a year for a periodic health examination once a year from the age of 10, and a blood test once a year. Of course, do not forget to go to an animal hospital as soon as you notice a change in your physical condition. Moreover, it is safe to have a reliable veterinarian who can feel free to consult. Early detection of illness can shorten the treatment time and reduce the burden on the body of pet dog.

Q. What are the diseases prone to aged poodles?

Let’s observe your dog well from day to day
. Of course it is important not to take enough treatment after getting sick but it is important not to miss a change in your physical condition as you usually observe your dog. Let’s take precautions before you become older and be careful before physical strength or resistance decreases.

· Cataract
cataracts are denatured proteins adhering around the lens, causing the eyes to turn white and muddy, causing blurred vision and causing loss of vision. After surgery, after surgery, lifetime, eye drops are done.

· Glaucoma
intraocular pressure increases, the retina and the optic nerve are compressed, severe pain due to severe pain, eyelids cramp, tears shed, in the worst case blindness. I will treat treatment to reduce intraocular pressure, but there is no concrete preventive method.

· Cushing’s syndrome
Hormones produced by the adrenal glands are excessively secreted, which adversely affect organs in the body. Older dogs aged 6 and over often have symptoms such as polydipsia, polyphagia, and polyuria. It is a terrible disease that leads to death without treatment

· Periodontal Disease
Symptoms such as pain, odor, and much depression appear, and teeth will come off if left unattended. When periodontal disease bacteria invade into blood vessels, heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. are adversely affected. Let’s prevent it by habitualizing your toothpaste.

It is important to locate the cause, such as atopic dermatitis difficult to patellar dislocation cure complete, Malassezia dermatitis seen in the greasy constitution of sebum, pyoderma suffering red or creamy rash on the skin.

• Mitral regurgitation disorder The mitral valve

between the left atrium and the left ventricle of the heart is disturbed, and symptoms such as dry cough and breathing are seen. There are many in small dogs weighing 10 kg or less and there is no effective treatment or prevention method.

It is too late after getting up …

I want you to live healthy and live longer! It is the wish that it is the owner’s cut. Mr. Poodle is lovely even after years, like a child forever. You may not notice the old age of pet from such appearance.

Small dogs and medium size dogs enter the pre-senior period from 7 to 9 years old, while large dogs enter the pre-senior period from about 5 years old . From the time of the pre-cinema just before the old dog era, you may start preparing for peace of mind when getting into an old dog or care for disease prevention.

The hair color is becoming whitish, the eyes are white and muddy, the appetite has fallen, I do not want to go for a walk, I just sleep, I stumble over a little step, I am stuck with a little step, my movement got slow, my stubbornness, even if I call my name I do not react Hospitalization has increased, and so on. Various signs emerge from old age. In preparation for the old age of dogs coming up, such as preparing a living environment where you can feel comfortable and safe to spend as it is the sign of aging, switching to a balanced dietary content, and measures for disease prevention, we will gradually review our personal belongings It is important to devise and devise.

Do not forget to make your diet not to obesity thoroughly, do not forget to take a walk or toothbrushing . What you can prevent can be started as soon as possible and try to reduce the risk of illness.

Gentle and gentle time wrapped in warmth

Age does not arrive suddenly one day, but it approaches quietly as if to indulge in a quiet manner so as to conceal footsteps. Then, it creates a rather warm space like sunshine, and there is comfort and comfort between owner and pet dog.

I can feel happiness that I could spend forever, happiness that I am tough but able to take care of, and the happiness that I need. Let’s try to extend your healthy life as much as possible in everyday life so that such happiness lasts forever. And it is also important that you do all you can and do not leave any regrets.

Do not forget to prepare your heart to cuddle close to the dogs who seek family love even when they are old, and enjoy the same time together. It is because you can send days of fulfillment and comfort only when you are old.