I will play a word for the first time, but I feel that there are two kinds of ways to enjoy traveling.

It is a trip to “sightseeing (tour)” and a trip to “journey (journey)” .

Do you want sightseeing? Do you want to travel?

In my opinion, the former is an image of having you enjoy the local sightseeing package. Go around sightseeing spots, staying at a resort hotel, going on to experience packed travel suggestions and pictures that are posted in guide books.

The latter image is a no-plan image that leaves himself by chance of a travel destination. Something that happened to happen on the site, such as moving from the information heard to someone who happened to know, or experiencing an accidental encounter.

People who are accustomed to travel tend to be foolish of the former, but I do not like it much.

The place to visit first is the best to know the royal road. Because I think it is the best way to know the charm of the area. If it is Nagoya, you should taste Miso Katsu flavor until tired, and in Fukuoka you should eat and drink in the stalls of the night, Taiwan should look at Chiufen and Okinawa should have gone to some mistake the Churaumi Aquarium! I know (there are also some individual differences in the royal road).

Instead, I wonder if the latter element such as “a chance that a coincidence element enters” is properly incorporated in the itinerary (plan)? I think that is important.

The charm of a person like a “traveling girl” is that the sense of journey is overflowing.

Travel is determined by “location” “inn” and “mesh”!

Let’s prepare for your trip. No, it’s not packing packing!

The first thing to do is “Decide what you want to do”.

It is messed up until I go on a trip. Somehow I think I’d like to go on a trip, but when I notice it, I lost the gravity of the earth and it was not Zara that I could not go about a year?

That’s because “preparation for traveling” is dull. It’s because we are using Energy to do research on obvious spots and decide where to go and decide where to go. Even though I should already know what I am waiting for the best experience once I go there ….

Therefore, the axis of the initial preparation is the story collection of “location” “inn” and “mesh”.

It is a matter of course, but what kind of place do you want to spend on traveling? You can go to experience. Also make sure to have a nice place to stay and delicious food. In other words, there are only about that which can be done in advance.

Where do you want to go with people you like? It is easy to understand by looking for keywords of location, inn and mesh from the viewpoint. I want him to see, he will be pleased, Oh! Let’s go together! What I can think.

Let’s take a look at the trusted information sender first. The information of the person who can trust the sensitivity is information of your choice that closely approximates custom made. And we will check “Kimari here for the first place” which is guided by tours and guidebooks. Next, I will look at the chill to scan things like “I’m not a standard spot, but I am addicted to my interest.” Do not read thoroughly as it gets tired.

This concludes collection of keywords as a keyword. And the important thing here is not text information. It is your delusion power. So what do you want to do while thrilled? It is to imagine. Already already in the brain please delusive at the level you are going to the site.

Yes, the race who likes to travel is exceptional, people with high reality flight skills that this delusion switch came to easily enter easily. It can be said that they are able to overcome the difficulty of preparation with delusional power (some sense of regret).

Here is recommended for beginners. As the keyword should have already been picked up, please use the Instagram’s hashtag search and flickr search as a complementary tool for delusion, please do the location. A lot of up-to-date photographs of the site make the outline of the imagination sharper